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Latest! New time-lapse videos have been added to the photo stations pages. Head over to the time-lapse section to have a look.


We are Green Appleton, a small environmental group in Appleton, Oxfordshire. We are officially a Community Action Group, and our aims are to:

which can be summed up as 'Think globally, act locally for nature'.


So far we have:


Our two most recent projects are vwhat this website is all about. The first is a time-lapse project, where we are setting up photo stations in Besselsleigh Woods for people to take photos from and to upload them onto this website, so that they can be made into time-lapse videos. We have recently won National Lottery Funding for this.

We are also using iNaturalist to get everyone involved in recording the biodiversity of our area. People can take photos of flora and fauna, and use the app to identify them and place then on the map. It develops individual's knowledge as well as creating an overall picture of our environment.

oak leaves

Nature Notes

The blue tits lodging with the Salmon household have grown rapidly and are now taking their chances in the big wide world.
Have a look at the Green Appleton Blog to see them go,

and have a look here to see one of their buddies stuffing their face!

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