Green Appleton with woods

Green Appleton
Time-Lapse Project


Welcome to the Green Appleton time-lapse project. Here we want to involve as many of you as possible in making a photographic record of how our habitats change across the seasons and through time.

We currently have 4 photo stations set up for everyone to take pictures from on their phones. The photos taken can then be uploaded to the website from the pages below and these can be used to make time-lapse videos of changes at the site, and displayed on the website.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself to a photo station and send us some pictures!

The churchyard post being installed

Great News! We have obtained permission to install a photo station in the churchyard, which will be our fourth. The idea of this one is that it will record the blooming of the wild flowers that are being encouraged in the churchyard restoration project. Here you can see it being installed.


The bluebells are in full bloom in Besselsleigh Woods, and some gorgeous photos have been taken at our photo stations, so many thanks to all who have stopped to look and taken a moment to take a picture. We have enough to make the first time-lapse videos, which can be accessed via the photo station pages. Keep up the good work, we want to see the progression through the seasons!

sun through trees on bluebells

The photo stations are shown below - select one to upload a photo, or to see photos and time-lapse videos that are already available.

map of photo stations in timelapse project
Photo Station 1   

On path to Besselsleigh Woods, near gate to Besselsleigh.

Photo Station 2   

By public footpath post where path to Parklands splits.

Photo Station 3   

On Jubilee path, close to the bend after the clearing.

Photo Station 4   

Next to St. Laurence Church, as you go round it to the churchyard on the South side.

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